Festival of Consciousness in Serbia, Press Meet

A spectacular press conference was held yesterday, July 20th 2021, at Boho bar in Belgrade, Serbia to present the Festival of Consciousness coming up this weekend. Local dignitaries and influencers attended the event, and there was great coverage from the local press.
Mohanji gave a powerful talk on the reasons why it is essential to hold a festival at this time. When there are testing times, it is important to celebrate life and the highest human qualities and to move beyond the held memories of negative situations, emotions and collective consciousness. He also noted that when we celebrate and experience transformation at an event such as a festival, and festival of consciousness no less, we dive in deeper because the experience is engraved in our psyche much more than just learned information.
The hosts greeted a special guest of the evening, Honourable Ambassador of Venezuela to Serbia, Mr. Dimas Jesús Alveranga Gera. Furthermore, two certificates were presented to Jugoslav Karić by Mohanji – one for his considerable and meaningful support for the Festival of Consciousness and other for the continuous presence in the work of Mohanji organizations, honoring him as the new member of the Mohanji Family.
Devi Mohan followed with a magical session of Conscious Dancing, and Jelena Fassbender finished with Reimagine, the World Consciousness Alliance anthem. All the participants enjoyed letting relaxation, spontaneity, creativity, joy and hope enter every pore of their beings. The participants were thrilled to try this new technique for many, as a meditative authentic movement towards inner truth and freedom.
The guests were refreshed by cool drinks and delicious vegan food by Rai catering, in anticipation of the Festival a few days ahead. With special thanks to our hosts – Boho bar, at the Kalemegdan fortress, we left the beautiful venue fully recharged.
As the festival and full moon approach on the same day, it is an excellent time to (re)connect with our highest nature; so this is the time to reach our highest potential at the height of summer’s fire, ready to transform us into who we truly are.
The Festival of Consciousness will take place on July 24th, 2021 at Ada Ciganlija, Makiš side, Belgrade Serbia. It will be a full day 7am-9pm event for the whole family – with a wide array of activities for the body, mind and soul – a true unification with inner abundance. Everyone is welcome, as this is a time of inclusion, love and compassion for all. For more information about the festival,
please read here: https://festivalofconsciousness.com/

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