Conversation with Mohanji

The word satsang is composed of two syllables “Sat” and “Sang”. “Sat” means absolute Truth or divine principle, pure and sublime existence, and “Sang” literally means company. So satsang is socializing with those who raise our vibration and support our inner transformation.

Himalayan Traditional Yoga

It represents the original teaching shaped by the great yogi Patanjali. The basics of this teaching are simplicity and living in a completely natural state in which the body, mind and soul are in harmony and in peace. Such a state maintains a person at the level of optimal health and calmness, away from any kind of anxiety, anger and stress.


Pranayama is a set of a large number of ancient yogic breathing techniques, whose goal is to establish control of the life force within the human body and bring the whole energy system into balance through control of the breath. Regular practice of pranayama techniques increases strength and energy, improves circulation, reduces tension, refreshes memory and increases concentration. Daily systematic practice can eliminate chronic disease and significantly improve health.

Guided meditations

Meditation is not an activity. It is a state of witnesshood, silence of the mind and pure beingness. Mohanji’s guided meditations are channeled from pure Consciousness and have the task of connecting us with our Being, the only permanent category. Through this connection we rid ourselves of false identifications as well as different notions about ourselves and the world, we slowly release all negativity, our focus shifts inwards and our whole being is aligned.

Conscious Dancing

Conscious Dancing is a highly effective meditation through a free, unstructured dance. As a powerful technique of balancing the chakras, Conscious Dancing awakens the vertical dimension of being while one dances fully focused within.

The result is pure bliss and lightness that lasts for hours after Conscious Dancing. During this beautiful process, a profound inner alignment takes place as we strengthen and balance each chakra, one by one, connecting vertically with the higher consciousness

Mai-Tri Method

Mai-Tri Method is a profound method of deep cleansing and harmonizing in which deep-seated subconscious blockages are removed, even from the subtlest layer of our existence – the causal body – where seeds of karmic impressions are stored. While the cleansing reaches deep into the energy records, it is important to note that Mai-Tri Method does not interfere with the destiny aspect of karma (as this is what has been chosen at the soul level, be it pleasant or unpleasant to our mind). To find out more about Mai-Tri Method visit:

Connect to Yourself process

Connect to Yourself process has been specially designed to take you through a step by step process of understanding the body and mind and journey inwards to unlock and recognise the potential in you. Each of you are unique beings with your own unique traits. Tap into your resources and discover your individual journey ahead!


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